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Windows Phone Screenshot tool with skins!

I’ve been working away slowly at these changes for a while now but its time for me to set them free on the Windows Phone community!


  • Clickonce installer for easier updates
  • Now supports landscape mode!
  • Support for multiple monitors
  • Improved error handling
  • Fixed bug where app name was not used in the screenshot filename
  • Ensures Marketplace screenshot is Portrait and at 100% zoom level
  • Now includes the following skins!
    • Default Emulator
    • HTC HD7 (Added June 1st, 2011, requested by @MGL74)
    • HTC Mozart (thanks to Danijel Malik)
    • LG Optimus 7
    • Nokia Sea Ray (Black, Pink, and Blue) – NEW!
    • Samsung Focus (thanks to Jeff Wilcox)
    • Samsung Omnia 7 (special request from @sstranger

    If you want any skins added please email me, leave a message in the comments or contact me via Twitter @Smixx.

Special thanks to @ninlar, @petrishko, and @sstranger for beta testing the app and finding some bugs :)

Install Now using ClickOnce!

While you’re downloading you can listen to my Developers theme song:
All the lyrics are posted here: http://www.innovativetechguy.com/?p=119
Smixx – Developers (feat. Steve Ballmer) by Smixx

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Windows Phone Screenshot Tool

Windows Phone Screenshot Tool

Samsung Omnia 7 Skin

HTC Mozart Skin

Samsung Focus Skin

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