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WP7 Screenshot Tool

After spending lots of time working in the iOS environment I was a big fan of the iPhone Simulator Cropper that a company called Curious Times had developed. This was one tool that I truly needed when I started working on Windows Phone 7 applications.

NEW in version 1.1

  • Fixed crashing on x86 PC’s
  • Added a screenshot hotkey:
    CTRL+SHIFT+7 (some minor issues I’m sorting out)

    This was a suggestion from András Velvárt (@vbandi) the creator of SurfCube Browser.

  • There are some issues with multiple monitors so ensure the app is on the same screen as the emulator

Known Issues (which I hope to fix soon)

  • Multiple Monitors (for now keep it on your primary monitor)
  • Make sure the emulator is fully on the screen
  • For MarketPlace make sure zoom level is at 100%
  • Doesn’t yet support landscape mode

If you like this app please click on some ads or donate :)

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Please send all feedback / feature ideas / bugs to: cory.smith at assn.ca

Windows Phone 7 Screenshot Tool

Windows Phone 7 Screenshot Tool

UPDATED: Download latest version with skins here

While you’re downloading you can listen to my Developers theme song:
All the lyrics are posted here: http://www.innovativetechguy.com/?p=119
Smixx – Developers (feat. Steve Ballmer) by Smixx

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